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Originally Posted by HudsonValley View Post
Those are gorgeous, Gorbelly! My eggplants are just starting to open a few blossoms, after suffering with horrible flea beetle and hail damage. Black Beauty seems to be doing the best, followed by a Japanese one called Senryo Nigo and a Turkish one called Halep Karasi. Casper probably won't produce at all, and Pandora Striped looks iffy. It's not the best year for eggplants in my garden, but I'll have some eventually!
Thanks, Hudson. I just remembered that I was supposed to arrange with you to send you some Aswad seed for this season. Would you still like seed? I actually forgot to save seed from mine last year, but I still have enough from my original packet to send about 20 seeds to you while having enough for a future growout for myself.

PM me if interested.
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