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Relative to the others who have responded I'm not qualified to comment, but, that never stopped me before! So far I've had the fun to grow only about 30 varieties of tomatoes some hybrid, mostly heirloom. In my tiny corner of the world, Indian Stripe has shown a natural ability to resist foliar diseases significantly more than any other variety, heirloom or hybrid. Other varieties have also shown varying degrees of resistance, relative to the varieties being grown around them.

My junior sleuth conclusion is that some varieties do have some disease resistances in certain circumstances and therefore it is likely their are other varieties that show resistance too, both in my circumstances and others. This is probably because certain varieties are better suited for specific geographical areas because they were selected by good gardeners through generations as the plants doing the best in the area.

That said, so far in my experience, every tomato plan eventually succumbs to something and resistance is generally just an extension of the life of the plant for probably for a few weeks at most.
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