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Originally Posted by jtjmartin View Post
I sure agree with this. I pick up hundreds of bags in the Fall - already wish I had more!

Then again, I would think that leaf mulch is already "pre-shrunk"!


The stuff I get is pretty well rotted down. Im sure there is room for more shrinkage.

Originally Posted by PureHarvest View Post
Not tilling was a good side effect for your tiller not working. Your soil food web is still intact now and can continue building the matrix. Plus you preserved the organic matter/carbon that is stored in that soil that was previously forested.
After you cap that plot with wood, the worms and microbes will do the work for you.

Sometime the universe seems to help us by interfering. Thats how I look at it.

Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
That looks awesome!!! Nice job on getting that garden set up!!

You're lucky to pick that up free, stack it high and let it shrink.

I'm glad the tiller didn't start, it saved you from bringing weed seeds to the top to germinate.

Now the battle with the deer starts... Did the plants survive last night?

Yes they did survive. I checked early this morning just after sunrise, but alarmingly did see some fresh paw prints. The prints were very close together. Im wondering if a very young Deer got in under the Fishing line, just to poke around a little?

I setup 2 lines. One about waist high, the other chest high.

I know this wont keep them at bay forever. As much as I hate fences, Im pretty much forced.
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