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Originally Posted by GoDawgs View Post
Deer are definitely a problem, depending on the year here. They seem to like the brassicas in late winter and early spring, happily munching on kale, collards and broccoli. In summer they love the field peas. They never touched the tomatoes or peppers.

snipped for brevity..

Maybe if you set the line back from the plants enough that they can't even get a taste, the line will bother them. And I'd add a third line.

Deer are funny. I can say that they have never attacked my peppers. Tomatoes yes. Beans... most likely the "free loading" groundhogs. This year my Sugar Snaps, Lettuces, and Cabbage seem to be safe.

Glad you mentioned about setting back the fence, because that is exactly what I did. Its about 3 feet outside the garden area.

Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
They can't see those lines in the dark; they can't see my deer fence in the dark. On occasion a deer is running at night and runs hard into my fence. Now I use white zip ties on the fence to warn them away.

And some deer will certainly eat tomato plants and tomatoes, although they didn't eat GoDawgs'.


I think Deer are opportunistic grazers. Whatever they happen upon is good enough. Im really wondering though if anyone has successfully established an area just for Deer to munch on, just to keep them away and happy. But then you run the risk of inviting more to the area.
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