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Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
Sean, do you plan to plant above or beneath the cardboard?
Thought I'd follow up on this now that I have some things in the ground. First off, let me say that on top of what was shown in the original picture was more rabbit poop and another chicken coop cleaning and a dump of the grill ash bucket. I do a lot of BBQ smoking, so it's got some good char in there. Then the chickens found it... little buggers. We're on 2.2 acres with our house right in the middle. This is on the left side of the house and the chickens are on the right. They didn't typically wander this way.

Since they found this spot, they've been wandering all over now lol. Anyhow, look back to the first picture. Nice and thick. Now with plants (squash/Zucchini and two tomatoes) - they've leveled it on out pretty much. All dug down and planted below the cardboard/surface layer. I back filled with rabbit poop and some of the dirt that came out of the planting hole. Squash were put in maybe 2 weeks ago, maters maybe 1 week ago. (I have no idea why the forums rotated the picture... )
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