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Originally Posted by berryman View Post
Not to disagree with any views here already, but.
If you garden in a place that has almost no organic matter and no N, P or K in the soil from 4" down then it makes some sense to incorporate some compost into the subsoil through cultivation.
Also, if you live in a place where the annual rainfall is 14" then there really isn't a concern about mudholes or heavy downpours.
Point being that it's a great big country and sometimes the common rules about no till will work sometimes, someplaces but sometimes they won't.
Going back to original statements and questions.
With my worthless opinion.

1 No till will work just about any place.
Some places it will take longer and isn't cost effective for some people.

2 you dont have to incorporate compost into the soil by tilling worms will do it.

3 not all compost is the same
Some compost from organic material such as leaves and so on wont have any nutrients in it to speak of.
All it is is a soil builder not a fertilizer.
Hot composting this type of stuff uses up nitrogen.
Manures are different so dont compare the two.
Cold composting is better than hot composting plant material.

Plant roots dont push their way through the soil they grow through the soil by way of cell growth.
Soil does not have to be all fluffy and loose for plants to grow in it.
My first very successful no till garden was way back in 1982.

All I did was mow the grass down way short scrape off excess and planted seeds.
No fertilizer lots of earthworms.
This was in a back yard in Austin that had never seen a garden or tiller.
Best cantaloupe crop ever.

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