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Originally Posted by ddsack View Post
I don't blanch broccoli for 2 minutes, unlike other things like sweet corn or beans.
I blanch in serving size pieces, putting the more solid stem pieces without florets into the boiling water first, when the water returns to a boil, I put in the florets, dunking them with a spoon so that they all get submersed at some point. I remove them when they have turned the darker green, maybe after just 30 seconds to a minute, tops. I have very cold tap water from our deep well, so they go into several changes of cold water in a dishpan sized container until they are cool enough to drain and bag up. I believe freezing itself causes some limpness, so they will never be as crisp as fresh, but I think reducing the blanch time helps.
Thanks dd. I may try that if my fourth planting does well. I have already given away or used all the heads in my third planting. I may get some good side shoots to try it with though since those are mostly Arcadia which have given me the best side shoot production the last few years.

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