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I use:
Tons of composted horse and goat manure with composted hay.
Composted chicken bedding ( I use leaves and pine straw for bedding
Cotton gin compost-this stuff is amazing!
Wood stove ash
I have 4 big worm bins, mainly used for potting up seedlings which ends up putting the worm compost into the garden indirectly
I’m experimenting with fish carcasses this year-will see how it goes burying it in rows before planting melons/squash
Alfalfa meal, kelp meal,fish emulsion and dried molasses, I get in 50 lb bags from the feed store
I try to rake leaves and apply each year but I don’t always get it done. I have sandy soil and I’m sure I have some nematodes in a few places so I’m really trying to build it up. I generally add 3-4 inches of compost on top of each row, at least once,so,sometimes twice a year. It’s really made a difference, I’m getting earthworms in huge amounts this year and I can really see a difference in the small area that I skipped the compost in.
I also use urine, fish emulsion and liquid kelp but I’m moving more towards less purchased inputs. I’m also planting more legumes, and will plant some areas in cover crop like faves or peas this winter.I am finding that diluted urine works surprisingly well for a liquid fertilizer. I had a nice batch of garlic and onions this year using only compost and urine. I also put straight urine on the compost pile when it needs some heat. Good stuff and we were just flushing it!
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