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Originally Posted by clkeiper View Post
Azoychka Russian. I grew it two years in a row....The first year it had a few tomatoes on each plant. Not enough to justify the space the plant took up. The second year it had two and neither ripened before frost...another waste of space. The flavor wasn't bad on the one I did get to try, but it was very unproductive for me.

Yellow pear...YUCK.
The variety name is just Azoychka, without the word Russian although it is from the former USSR, now the CIS.

Opinions are so variable as to both the red and yellow pears. One to try if you want to is Medovaya Kaplya which is a small yellow one that has a short neck and looks like it's tied at the top and it sure has much more taste than standard Yellow Pear.

As I've said before, for every variety that someone says they love it and will grow it again, an equal number of folks will say it didn't produce, they didn't like the taste, which is both personal and percetual, and on and on it goes.

Good thing there are about 7-8 K OP varieties available commercially and probably several hundreds of hybrids.
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