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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Jersey Devil was introduced by theTomato Seed Company out of Metuchen, NJ and Ibought seeds when they were still in business, so yes, I've grown it.

And well I remember their thin paper catalog which was printed in red and green.

A typical long red paste similar to many long red pastes I've grown.Taste is better than most long red pastes,but nothing extraordinary about it.

Linda at TGS started listing it a few years ago.

Above is an older thread from GW with more opinions about Jersey Devil.

Thanks for the background history info Carolyn, and the link as well. I'm going to check it out to see the different opinions on it. Tomato Growers Supply is where I purchased the seeds from, and it's been the only variety i've had this much difficulty growing.

Would you say that San Marzano Redorta is similar to what Jersey Devil is taste wise? Or no? I'm only asking because I've grown it for the past several years. And is there any other paste tomato variety you could reccomend to maybe try? I know from what i've read you post on tomatoville before that you're hesitant to reccomend varieties because everyone has different tastes/growing conditions but I figure if I ask as nice as I can that there's a slim chance you might mention one anyway.

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