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Dr. Carolyn - LOL! I believe we are in the times Dickens described in the tale of two cities, but, I was really referring growing many delicious tomatoes, only to have most raided by pests! Maybe Sisyphus would have been a better comparison!

CL - electric poultry netting? I like the sound of that! I don't think I bird netting will be effective on rats - not sure on the possums. It does need to be open to keep airflow and temps from rising - so plastic is out. Rats and possums have proven to be effective climbers going 5 feet off the ground to munch, so I was thinking full enclosure, but hadn't consider electricity to discourage climbing...interesting. If you get a chance, I'd love to see what you mean by fencing the corn at 8" and 24". Meaning an electric wire?

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