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Originally Posted by Hellmanns View Post
It's a wonder the human race has survived.. My 92 year old grandmother fed her 8 children canned sausage, and vegatables for decades without processing it in a pressure canner. Although, she once pitched a jar of green beans back in the 60's "because they weren't quite right" that gave the chickens the limber neck!
My parents were raised before the advent of home pressure canners. In West Virginia, they'd can by placing their canned goods in a big copper oval tub set over a fire, and boiled the jars for 4 hours to kill of bacteria and seal them. Everything from tomatoes to meat was boiled for 4 hours in those canning jars then put in the root cellar.

Looking back at that practice: Mom said everyone had done it that way since the first jars came on the market and she never knew anyone who got sick and noone died from that method of canning. She believes the old way is safe now as it was then. Her view is the advantage of a pressure canner is it cuts canning time down considerably.

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