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ok, we need pics of:

Ananas Noire
Black Cherry
Black Zebra
Cherokee Green Grape
Granny Cantrell's German
Gregori's Altai
Joe's Plum
KBHeart Red
KBHeart Pink 13N & 13S
NoviHan Pink - Galina & Jim Peterson
Oleyar's German
Pompadoro Tropic
Red Rose (PL)
Principe Borghese
Thai Pink Egg

On names, I corrected them all in the photos but don't know the proper spelling on Rozovzi Flamingo...

Soldacki should have the "c" in it...

Jelly Bean should be Korney's Jelly Bean, aka Perry's Cherry. There is a hybrid variety named Jelly Bean--this is NOT the hybrid. This is aka Perry's Cherry, in honor of Perry from another tomato forum group who lost his life a few years back in a motorcycle accident.

The original Gregori's Altai is pink... Chuck Wyatt gave me seeds to a red one. I brought both, but the official Gregori's Altai is pink...

Brad's Black should be Brad's Black Heart...

Burracker's Favorite, being an American tomato, should be spelled without the "u" in Favorite. I know that's how you do things in the Great White North and England but you must respect original names.

Crnkovic Yugoslavian is pink...

Daniels I'm pretty sure is written without the apostrophe. It is also a large pink, not red.

Hespole F7 should be HeShPoLe F7... it stands for Heart Shaped Potato Leaf...

Pompadoro Tropic I think should be Pomadoro Tropic, or however pomodoro is spelled...

There was also a mystery black tomato on the plate with White Beauty.


As for anything looking not like what it should be:

There were 2 Giant Belgium and both appeared to be wrong. One was red, the other was a medium pinkish purple. Giant Belgium is an XL-XXL pink. Is it just a coincidence that Giant Belgium was distributed as a pack of free seeds this year by a well known seed company in FL? I don't think so. The reds were grown by Jerry from my seeds (the FREE pack from TGS in FL!) There have also been similar problems with their "FREE" seed packets in the past I believe.

Is Vintage Wine a bi-color or pink?


I would NOT distribute seeds from the following:

ANY KBH/KB Heart varieties. These are NOT STABLE and are still early in their filleal generations. They will not grow true and were present for tasting only.

Giant Belgium. These are NOT true to type.

Spuda Yellow Strawberry. It may not be stable & may be a mix-up or cross found in German Red Strawberry seeds from Neil Lockhart.

Heart Cross PL & Red. I'm not sure what this is or who grew it, can we find out?

Knucklehead F3. Who grew this and any further info?


I will try to let you know here or by other means which varieties I'm the source. I need to get to sleep first!

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