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Brad's Black Heart

Crnkovic Yugoslavian is PINK, not red

Granny Cantrell's German is PINK! (That's why the name got shortened from Granny Cantrell's German Red by VGary)

I think Heart Cross PL & Red - Mark Korney/ Jerry Powarski should be KB Heart Red (there was also a pink RL.) Maybe this is the one you couldn't figure out?

The KBH's there is both a red and a pink. and differences among all 4 plants.

Nipples I would ditch the "very small" part, they aren't usually that small; they are a cross between Riesentraube and a wild L. cheesmanii orange teardrop shaped, hence the oval shape (cheesmanii) and point & multiflora clusters (Riesentraube.) Come to think of it, cheesmanii may be multiflora too. Both parents are high brix varieties.

Robin sent me more pics and I'm extracting more varieties for the pictures post on page 1... I have at least 5 more pics I'm uploading there.

P.S. Where is Earl of Edgecombe and Olive Hill?
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