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that is awesome BYB.... Looks great.
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Love it! This is my first year grafting and using lean and lower. Looks like you've been doing the same.

Here's a thread for lean and lower from this year - you will see that some that graft also lean and lower:

I'm going to steal your mini-lean and lower idea! Super efficient use of space.
Do it I've also converted it for vertical strawberries in the past. The template works for many plants
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What size containers are those for your tomatoes? Did you later add soil mix to the container for the roots to expand in to?

Looks like some of the same issues I deal with: yard size and usable area due to some shading?

In the hydroponic system those are nursery #3 containers in a 3x3 foot tray. I did fill the tray with a mix of grow rocks and hydroton in that one picture. The resulting root mass was pretty impressive. I have pics somewhere I'm sure

I am quite certainly limited by space. I am a single story house squeezed between 2 and 3 story houses so lots of shadows that move seasonally. There is standing room only at this point outside but it works for me
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Dude that stuff looks great!
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Beautiful work!
Appreciate it I like to grow things in every imaginable way. It's all about the learning

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