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Originally Posted by taboule View Post
It was funny to see this thread resurface, as I started thinking again of getting a bigger canner -I had mentioned here the AA 30. So I looked it up again and was surprised (unhappily) to see the lowest price anywhere at ~$349. Ouch, I thought last time I looked in the fall, it was $300 at Amazon, and under that at a place called Hayneedle (I think). Is it possible that it went up so high, or is my memory all messed up? Does anyone have an idea?

That would be the ideal size for me, being able to double-stack quart jars is a must for serious production.
The price I have noticed fluctuates somewhat with the season.
Just get the thing and be done with it because they aren't going to get any cheaper.
I suspect a 10 to 20 percent rise in price due to new tariffs coming in place too.
That will increase the price another 35 bucks.

If you are going to use it on your stove make sure it will fit over any over head stuff like vent hoods and such.
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