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Originally Posted by Tracydr View Post
I grew parsley from fall to spring in AZ. It would bolt in spring but it's biennial,like parsley,so I'm not sure how it would do in a one season heat.
I had plenty of volunteers the next season and established a little permanent patch. Loved it and plan to do again here,just haven't had much time.
Love homemade celery and I really liked the cutting celery. Used the leaves like parsley for chicken soups and marinara sauce.
Lovage is something I'm really wanting to try. Should I plant in fall or spring in south central North Carolina?
In North Carolina you can probably do either.
I've had lovage so long I don't remember the details of planting, but pretty sure I started them indoors and then transplanted out in the spring. It's very hardy and the first thing up in spring time, but interesting to notice it has never self seeded in my garden. That makes me think that the seeds may be damaged by exposure to freezing or freeze/thaw. But I see that direct sowing in fall is one of the recommended methods, so I guess they're okay in the ground. And, this isn't North Carolina.

I love my parsely too and sometimes it overwinters or self sows here. My Mom's place is on the ocean and she has had great patches of parsely and cilantro as well, that self seeded without any care or need of protection. Dill in the same family though would not self seed here without protection. My friend's greenhouse is full of dill volunteers, for years now. But not outdoors. Maybe lovage is the same, a bit of a tender seed compared to some of the others.
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