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Originally Posted by luigiwu View Post
Does celery bolt in the heat like lettuce? I've also been reading about a type of herb that has a celery type flavor? I'm particularly interested in growing plants this year that are flagged to be heavily doused with pesticide in the supermarkets..
It definitely was cool weather when I planted it in AZ. In fact,my second year I had a bunch of volunteer celery that came up probably early Feb. I grew it in part shade through the winter and it would bolt around March or April,just a bit past lettuce.
It should be fine in a cooler climate,though. As in anything cooler than AZ late spring.
I think it's biennial like parsley and carrots so it's also possible that growing it over winter gave me more chance of bolting.
Either way,it's well worth growing. I'd recommend Utah and cutting celery. Red celery was nice,too.
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