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Earl, let's take one thing at a time. The data you enter and save is stored in a file with an extension of ".MDB". You can port this file from one computer to another and see the same data as long as you have the ".EXE" program installed on each computer.

Let's say you have a laptop and a desktop PC. You initially install the software on the laptop and add in a bunch of records. Now you want to move to the PC. You would make a copy of the ".MDB" file and transport it to the PC and copy it into the PC --- OVERWRITING THE ".MDB" FILE OF THE SAME NAME THAT IS ALREADY THERE. Now, both computers have the same data because they have the same database file with the same records in it.

Now, while you are on the PC, you make changes to some records. When you want to return to using the laptop, you must make a copy of the ".MDB" file and .......... Same as before. You can have numerous installations of the software, but you must transport the data file when you move from one computer to the another.

The only difference between your program installation and mine is the data contained in the ".MDB" file. I could send you my data file and it will work on your computer with your installation. The difference would be that you would see MY data - not yours.

Does this help??? Hopefully?????

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