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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
I remembered a thread here at Tville, and found it, which discusses the possible differences between Moravsky Div and the various Stupikes, and the parents of the Stupikes is given and so much more.

For those interested in Stupike (s) I think it's a must read. Vladimir, you posted as did Tania, and there was much information about Stupikes posted by a person with the user name of Digging Dog that I thought was both new and great.

thank you for your bequeathal on tis thread:
Moravsky div
I saw Moravsky div never, but I think, that Moravsky div = Stupické sklenikové. Why?
1.The name Moravsky div was translated from russian name Моравское чудо
(translated by Andrey according to lexikon). Czech person would be translated
Moravský zázrak never (minimum for wrong diction of word „div“).
2.The answer to Digging dog farm „Dear Martin,yes it is simmilar variety.“-
This shows, that Moravoseed carries simmilar variety (Stupické skleníkové ?) to
Belarus and Russia and Moravoseed agrees with marketing name Моравское
Moravoseed cannot carry such seeds in EU for example in Estonia.
Moravoseed has only two varieties of Stupices (Stupické polní rané and
Stupické skleníkové). I disbelieve that Moravoseed cultivated some new variety
only for Russian market ( besides EU).
3.Why new name? Tomato „Stupické skleníkové“ would not be so buyable as
„Моравское чудо“ in Belarus and Russia. It is the same as „Stupice“ and
„Stupické polní rané“ in USA.
4.Why this market?
One packet (60 seeds) of „Stupické skleníkové“ in Czech republic…11,-Kč= 0,6
US dollar
One packet „Моравское чудо“ in Russian 3600 roubles = 60,- Kč
It is very good market.

In 2014 y. I shall plant Stupické polní rané, Stupické skleníkové, Stupice and Moravský div and I shall see the contrasts or the deuces. Than I can write to Moravoseed to my contact Mr Růžička manager of commerce.

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