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Originally Posted by Al@NC View Post
Are you familiar with

They have several varieties that sound like they would do well for us!

I'm seeing Old Brooks, Beaver Lodge Slicer, Mountain Princess, and Mystery Keeper seem to do well for them in Manitoba.

Mystery Keeper seems interesting and reads:

A long keeping storage tomato that can last several months. Medium size fruit ripen from the inside out and are slightly more acidic than other tomatoes. When picked in the yellow to light green stage in the fall (before frost), the tomatoes continue to ripen indoors over the winter months. Determinate, regular leaf foliage. (80- 90 days from transplant)
Oh yes I know of them and the geographic area well...

I have most definitely ordered from them and would do so again.......

the last few years my modus operandi has been to

use Tatiana's tomatobase (Ya gotta know that one !) as an initial research engine and then order from Tatiana's if they have it.
A lot of times you really have to look around .

I have been most happy with Tomato fest in California and Solana seeds in Quebec .
Victory seeds , Adaptive Seeds , Heritage harvest seeds ,Casey's Heirloom Tomatoes of Airdie and others .

Mystery keeper is one I in most years would not attempt really a 75 day max . estimate

is really pushing it here for a normal year . (not an 80-90)

as even as we have a longer frost free days period ....we (Normally) do not get the heat/light that matches the 90 days at the right time .....I think it would work for Tacoma though.

I think we actually could have done it here ...This year as you know ...we are having a record hot/dry year . The spectre of pan-pacific coast drought even affecting Washington State is kind of unthinkable before .

I have Beaver Lodge slicer going this year as well ...worked well last year in a container .
So Many Tomatoes ...So Little Time !
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