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Default Would you be tempted to use horse manure in your container mix?

Happy my day when out of the blue a pickup load of horse manure was delivered to my garden. Last week I bought a scoop of peat from my supplier, which was exciting work to bag up and carry home in the back of the car (two trips!). I also have a half dozen bags of their compost on hand with the plan of mixing compost and peat for my containers. It is not enough compost by any stretch, and it would be cheaper to buy by the scoop once again and bag it and haul it myself. $60 and a hard afternoon's work.

Soooo... yes it's true. The sight of that horse manure made me think, what if I used that instead of the lovely finished compost. What do you think? Crazy bad idea?
I can tell you that it's fresh enough to smell like a horse, but overall fairly well rotted. There is lots of straw visible though and fine wood chips too from the stable. Worms galore, but also quite a few little flies. Still I am tempted....
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