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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
I like the Hozon siphon injector. They are very well-built:

I like the idea of the Hozon, my trouble is that it requires 35 psi, I believe. My drip irrigation is.... Im thinking 15. Or maybe 21. At any rate, I came to the conclusion that it just wouldn't work for me. Thats what made me purchase the other unit.

On the other hand, for stuff in the GH, such as seedlings, hanging baskets, etc, thats all being watered by hand anyways. So... maybe I should look into one.

Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
My hand held one had a tiny screen in it I lost that was completely clogged up.
As for the bottle top me thinks a person could adapt that to a hose pipe or tubing and run it to a big tank to draw fertilizer from.
Thats something I have looked into once or twice. Its a matter of me remembering too look for the appropriate tubing at the hardware store, when I get there.

I think as long as you keep the tank of fertilizer above the injector, all should be good.
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