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Originally Posted by PureHarvest View Post
Only the last photo shows evidence of rust. Not saying you arent seeing it spreading, but a lot of your yellow streaking could just be normal drying down during bulb formation.
Mine are really starting to show yellow and I just removed scapes.
Every year this stage is a mental hurdle because my eyes and brain sub-consciously tell me something is wrong with my crop because is starts to look so "bad".
Really, top growth is just ending and sending product to the bulb.
As far as you saying its spreading, are you seeing the dark, raised pustules like on your last photo? Or is it just paling, yellowing leaves?
Some leaves have been yellow like that for a while, especially after gale force winds battered them.

The dark orange rust looking stuff I started to notice a little cluster here and there yesterday but today when I checked I noticed it much more with one of them fairly covered it in. I pulled it up and used the bulb with some tomato sauce.

I think it is our weather, the grass and plants are completely wet every morning and it has not rained in the night. Its just heavy dew all the time.
My glasshouse is the same, lots of mold and blight like problems every year and the plants are wet from late evening to early morning because of dew.
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