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Amen to all. Lol, I agree bower.
Seems like no matter the season or year to year or stage, or fertilizer regimen, I get yellow tips after March. Then we get to now and I think things like, I should’ve fertigated much earlier. The potassium I put down in the fall was gone by spring from rain etc, because my sandy soil doesn’t hold onto it.
All kidding aside, I may cut my total fertilizer in half this fall and apply the rest in March.
Then there were the thrips I found about a week before harvest last year. Had they been there much longer than I noticed, and that caused early yellowing?
All good stuff for the next time though. Try to improve every year.
I’m scouting diligently for thrips, checking soil moisture levels (it’s been dry here for two weeks), and pulling a bulb every few days to see what’s doing.
I think this years harvest might be two weeks ahead of the last two.
There is a grower/writer from Virginia that grows garlic and has phenology info on her site. She shows harvest dates going back a number of years. Basically you could average it out, but there are some years that show a 2-3 week swing from her “normal” harvest date.
I’ll try to find and post the link.
Edit: here it is. Pam Dawling, her blog is the most informative I’ve ever read. Lots of detail, no fluff.

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