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The "Find" function searches only to a variety name - such as Sungold or Bradley. It is totally specific to the Variety Name and does not parse the variety name to find "Dwarf" (as an example) somewhere in the middle of the variety name.

The term "Find" may be a bit misleading. "Goto" might be a better segway on the true function. In a future update, I might go ahead and have the program search for groups of varieties based on "Dwarf" or "Cherry" or "Rugose" or others.

If you continue to have a problem with the error code, email me a copy of your file "Myseeds.MDB" and I'll check it out and send you a new set of files. I did that with Dee and it solved the annoyance for her.

Send the file to I set this account up to handle any traffic regarding the software and check it often - several times daily.

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