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Default Container Makeover, Denver

I've got big plans. Construction has begun with moving some posts and taking down the the garden frame.

This is what I have, raised beds loosely arranged in an area 12x46, with a 8x20 spur left along the back fence line. This patch has produced very well at times, though along the right fence has been a troublesome high heat area.

The plan is to put fabric pots on slightly elevated off-ground 6" racks with white vinyl lattice tops for reflection and air circulation. The racks will be grouped more to the center, getting off the hot fence line, and will incorporate eye-popping trellis work with a gravity flow water system irrigating single or multiple racks.

I'll use the soil in the beds to make a gentle grade and fill other low spots in the yard. Materials should be minimal as I'll be using the lumber from the raised beds.

Here's how it will look, I'll keep you filled in as I go and comments are welcomed.
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