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Last year I drilled a hole in the bottom of an empty refill bottle and filled it with water. I then installed it in the feeder (faucet type) and began filling 5 gal buckets to see how many gallons it would take to empty the bottle. It took a little over 8 buckets, or about 42 gallons. This converts to 42 tbsp of MG blue stuff, or 21 oz, or about 1 1/3 lb, so we are in the ball park. I used this ratio to put Texas Tomato Food in the refill bottle and it worked so-so, but I had to constantly go shake up the bottle because the TTF would clog it up in about 5 minutes. I finally gave up on trying to run TTF in it.

This year I have set up a drip system for 150 plants and I'm running the factory refill bottles through the faucet feeder into the drip system. My pressure is quite low and I've run the system for about 1 1/2 hours and my bottle is only about 1/3 empty. The feeder only clicks about ever 2-3 seconds whereas it was clicking faster than once per second when it wasn't connected to the drip system. My drippers are emitting a little less than 1/2 gallon per hour each. That works out to about 75 gallons per hour for all 150. So the feeder through the drip system is only putting out about 1/3 the concentration of fertilizer. I am confused about this.
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