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Originally Posted by MrSalvage View Post
Side story:

I ended up getting mine from Walmart and it came with 1 bottle of fert. They were sold out of all the dang refills. So today we took a ride of to Southern States to buy a sprayer for some DE and they had some refills on sale.

It wasn't the good stuff for veg or maters. All they had were singles that came in the four packs of all purpose. However they must have dropped a pallet or something. All the bottles of all purpose were just laying all kinds of different ways in one spot. Then some were also off to the side in a mater flat or something.

Anyway the girl said the were .25 each. I said ok and we put 20 bottles in the cart. On check out sure enough the girl rang them up at .25 each. So 5 bucks total for 20.

Me and my girl got back out to the truck loaded it up with all of our goodies. Right before she cranked the key i said man that's a heck of a deal.

So asked her to go back in to the store and clean them out. Well we ended up with 64 bottles for $16.00 total. lol go figure...
That's a Hella good deal, I would've done the same. Keep us posted on the results and modifications you make to the mix.
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