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I noticed some leaf wilt on 2 of my 4 sungolds. I had been fighting an aphid infestation on a rose plant that also lives on my patio. Looking at these photos I am starting to suspect CMV. I'm wondering if I should spray all my tomato plants with insecticidal oil as a precaution. I finally have the aphid infestation under control, but I'm worried about the two infected sungolds.

Most of the upper leaves are curling inward. They look perfectly green but they feel dry, tough and rough on the outer edges. I had some dark tiny spots on some of the lower leaves (one plant in particular) but they weren't effected by the curling.

I haven't seen any insects on these plants otherwise. I definately have 2 that are infected with this wilt, another I suspect is starting to curl and one is healthy. I've isolated the healthy one from the infected ones. I'm still not sure what kind of wilt this is, or if it's certainly a wilt. I've had a lot of cold snaps over the past few weeks and they're overdue to be planted, so it's not like these plants have been stress-free. I have brought them indoors during the freezing nights, but they were outside for some of the 40+degree weather.

Any idea if this is CMV, another type of wilt, or some kind of plant stress?
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