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There's a company in Guelph Ontario that ships twice a week iirc - just checked their site and they are out of ladybugs for the season. Also doesn't look like they are carrying the same species as our local one.

I did see a company called "Biobest" that sells the two-spot, and they do have distributors in Canada (they are in Belgium!), but the distributor's website didn't load.

That is a great idea to create an overwintering site for the biocontrol beasties. I bet they love your flower gardens. I don't have an open greenhouse which is really the problem. My garden is full of perennial herbs and pesticide free all these years, it is teeming with beneficials but inside the gh, it's a different story. I'm actually sad to see the parasitoid wasps getting in because they don't really have the resources to stay alive, breed etc in that hothouse/coldhouse environment... and they end up caught in sticky traps. Two years in a row. It bothers me no end, can't seem to do any thing without doing harm to the good guys as well as the bad. Looks like I caught a spider this spring too... The wasps are great for something (caterpillars likely) but smaller things probably required to prey on little aphids.
If it wasn't for the snow and the rats , I'd be happy to put all my plants outside in nature's care. Actually, there's a lot of stuff on my sticky traps, for a "closed" greenhouse. (Yeah, open house to those pesty ants too )
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