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You are still growing potatoes? Do you store your potatoes in the ground? I finally pulled mine about 3 weeks ago.Tops were still green but I was anxious to eat them and didn't want to chance them rotting.

- Lisa

Originally Posted by pecker88 View Post
I picked up 5 of the paper yardwaste bags, dumped them out in the yard (how counter-intuitive is that!) then mowed over them with the rider.

I used my leaf/yard sweeper that pulls behind the mower to sweep them back up. I think I lost about a 1/3 of the volume after chopping them to bits with the mower, the sweeper couldn't pickup up the tiny pieces.

Anyway, I got about 10x 5-gal buckets worth of chopped up oak and maple leaves; tons of acorns also. I added to a 20x5 ft raised bed, then turned it over with a shovel. There is TONS of organic matter now, esp. since I had mulched with straw this season.

I have greens and potatoes planted in the other 30x5ft bed, so I can't mulch that side, will be interesting to see how the soil compares come spring.

thanks for all the advice.
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