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Let me chime in after a lenghty period of inactivity. You will find a short description of that tomato in Vent Marin, letter F, then alphabetical order French tomato fans discovered it in 2010 when they visited the annual tomato fair of Haverskerque in the North of France. It was shown on a stand displayed by "Reagir" (React) an organization that brings new qualifications to unemployed people, mostly in the fields of gardening, work in public parks etc. A very short description : Red tomato, flat shaped. Regular deep ribs on the whole surface.

The growers explained it came from a spontaneous mutation that happened in a greenhouse (from what variety ?) and it was stable. It must have made a good impression as it was shown on television.
At the end of the fair some members of Tomodori – a little brother of tomatoville- picked up the tomatoes and shared the seeds. It was quite successful the following years ( high production, taste, aspect) but seems to be forgotten now.
I think it's worth a try. If you decide to have a go, please keep us informed about the results !

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