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Those brands you guys are using are solid, sort of universal hot sauces. They are in a category called salsas "botaneras" i.e. for snacking.

If you bump into it, buy stuff that has the word "Yaqui" or "Sonora" on the label; it usually means it'll have chiltepín as the main ingredient, and for my $$ those are the best and most versatile. La India Brava was my favorite, alas they no longer make it. Salsa Huichol is pretty good too.

Cholula, El Yucateco, Tapatio, Valentina. Each one of those has a specific use, mostly in garbage food that destroys your stomach, such as tostilocos, cueritos, churritos, etc., the stuff you buy at a Lucha Libre event, or at anything that caters to the populace. I know many people that love them.

I prefer to make my own batches of hot sauce, they turn out pretty good. I use both dry and fresh peppers, with a food processor it really is mindless.
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