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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
It is the only thing we can get here that is cheap, since the big hot sauce boom the stuff has skyrocketed.
A little tiny bottle of hot sauce for 6 bucks is down right crazy.
This year with 65 pepper plants I will be fermenting peppers and making my own salsa/sauce.
I'm doing that this year too! I only have about 12 hot peppers planned but that should enough for our needs. (I hope! This might turn into a thing like me making sauerkraut. I only make about SIX different kinds because we like it so much!)

Speaking of fermenting, I've been salt fermenting lemons the last two months, just tasted some finished ones, mmmm. Spiced salted lemons are GOOD cheap eatin if you buy the citrus on sale during Jan/Feb. They're ready just in time for the spring veggies like asparagus and some (not so cheap) lamb chops. You don't have to eat them just on Moroccan dishes. I love them in salad dressings, with chicken, with fish...roasted veggies are good too!

And I have some more lemons sliced and bubbling away with grated fresh ginger and honey from my dad's beehives. Best thing for a cold ever is a cup of tea with a scoop of this in it.
Plus, I still have about 12 pounds of meyer lemons staring at me. I'm thinking I'll make some limoncello liquor for those hot summer evenings and then some lemon curd to freeze for going with the summer fruits.
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