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Originally Posted by MrBig46 View Post
I'll send some Spanish tomato seeds to the swap MMM (Tormato). I would also like to send some seeds to a menu Carolyn (they are five seeds in bags), but I do not know if Carolyn would agree.
I will send the seeds of packeted flowers, only on MMM I will send one variety as Mystery. I am not yet able to assign it a name (it is black and I had a business card pink). But it's a beautiful tomato, I only must have to wait one year to determine. I do not have a test germination of my seeds.
PS.: Tomato native province of Galicia (Spain). Mid season, indeterminante, regular leaves, large red fruits (600-700 g) with a very thin skin, good taste, sweet.
I would love to get some seeds for Spanish ones from you Vladimir, you have my address already, if you still have it.

I prefer the large beefsteak ones like your Gallego one, as an example. And do you remember the Colgar one that Ilex showed with the older man holding a plant with Huge fruits, not typical Colgar types at all, but what do I know.

I'll be getting quite a few new Spanish ones from Ilex in Spain via his listings in the SSE Yearbook and have also shared with him what I prefer and am letting him make the final choices. So when seed production is done ,hopefully next summer, perhaps I can send some new ones to you,

I just offered to Ilex for his SSE listings, and now to you, one from Spain that I'd forgotten I had and that's

Not many seeds left but looks like a great heart.

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