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Ha, Jeannine, i've been meaning to ask you Canadian questions about certain varieties and vendors, seed suppliers, etc. But i think they would all do well in cooler climates like my MountainTop NY garden.
And bower being in Newfoundland. (another thread for that)

Tomatillos are somewhat thin trailing vines that don't quit. Seem to find their own way and just grow lots of length for me, then come end of August into sept, just full of fruit that ripens fast. Solid firm flesh. Very tart. Very little heat makes a very thick less tart sauce and cooks much like rhubarb. Not watery. I roast them along with toms, onions, hot pepper, sweet peppers in the oven for a 'roasted' sauce. I have even added a stovetop sauce pan of rhubarb and seasoned for a bbq sauce. (rhubarb does not roast so well.)

Even better is similar trays in the smoker for an hour, low heat side firebox style.

Nice tart compliment to the ripe sweetness of a tomato. 1lb to 4lbs toms is about my ratio. Though i will roast/smoke a full tray of just tomatillos with some hot peppers for the freezer in small packets for 'all winter' flavor boosting salsas and various sauces.
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