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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Corn/maize is one of my favorite vegetables of historic study the other chilies.
And the only one I know of that doesn't have any wild living relative that even comes close to looking like it but types of teosinte/Zea.
Many of which are endangered.

It truly is one of the (if not the) biggest food mysteries known to man.
Worth, google native Nebraska corn. There are several efforts underway that are spearheaded from local Native American tribes to preserve endangered corn species. I heard 90 percent of original varieties are gone forever.

Most of the corn grown here is for ethanol industrial uses and cattle feed. As for sweet corn, I got corn smut two years in a row and gave up.A customer drops a cart of sweet corn every year at my gas station for free give out. It was the best I have ever had but the cashiers never asked the variety. I will have to make a nice fuss over it and maybe they will remember to ask next year.

- Lisa
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