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I don't see many Southern posts on this thread other than one Cajun and a couple of Texans so I'll add mine.

I grow mainly Silver Queen. It's been really consistent, holds well in the freezer and does better than other varieties for me in this area. For a few years I did grow some early corn that germinates OK in cooler soil in an effort to get a jump on the season. That was Quickie one year and Spring Treat Yellow another year, both about 65 days to harvest and planted about 4 weeks before the 85 day Silver Queen.

The problem was that they drew coons into the garden! Before trying these early corns I'd had only rare coon visits. The closest other corn I know of is a dairy guy 4 miles away who grows corn for silage and he plants early. I got to thinking that maybe the coons came to mine because it was the only game in town since the dairy guy's wasn't ready yet. Since I quit growing the early corn I'm back to no coon problems.
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