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LMinAL "This has allowed me to have squash through early July until the pickleworm comes and then I just give up."

I saw this video 4 years ago. It was the rabbit hole I fell through and started my journey with biodynamic methods.

LMinAL that video was taken in August. Look at those squash vines.

I grew up on a truck farm in North MS in the 1960s. Sharecropped several acres of squash each year. I sprayed with Seven and Malathion weekly and still lost about 10% of the fruit to Pickle worm.

If I had tried to use this on the farm my father would have beat me half to death. It's about 180 degrees out from everything I was taught growing up.

The first year I tried the teas, I didn't loose a single plant to squash vine borer and didn't loose a single fruit to pickle worm. Not one.

Some plants respond to the teas more than others. Squash really respond to them. People driving by on the road would stop and ask about them. They couldn't believe how quickly they grew and how healthy they looked. They had to be picked twice a day to keep the squash from getting too big.

No commercial fertilizer, no animal manures, no pesticides, no herbicides, no irrigation.

Just teas made from garlic powder, red pepper powder, ground sage; horsetail; Lacto bacillus inoculant; 1 TBLS molasses per gallon of tea used as a sticker; 1 TBLS Palmolive Orange dishwashing liquid per gallon of spray used as a spreader.

Simple cheap and it works. Claud
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