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Default Smoothies

In a blender start with one individual container of yoghurt w/active cultures. Whatever is your favorite flavor. Add your greens. I typically add kale, bok choy, spinach, borage etc....whatever you have fresh. Just maybe a leaf or two. Don't over do it. add your veggies. You can use tomatoes, celery, carrots, beets, or whatever you have fresh. Again, don't over do it. Then add your fruit. Any fruit or combinations of fruit will do but I always make sure one banana is in there somewhere. Then you keep adding fruit and tasting until the sweetness of the fruit hits the flavor you like. Then I personally like to add mint. Then add ice until it hits the desired consistancy of a cold milk shake smoothie.

Enjoy and know you just made the healthiest food on the planet, and it tastes awesome too because you kept adding the fruit until it was exactly what YOU liked best.

Remember 1 each, yoghurt, greens, veggies, then just keep adding fruit til it hits the flavor YOU like.

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