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Originally Posted by My Foot Smells View Post
the results are in:

Attachment 65715

acidic soil, low N and K.

any help or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks
Your soil test bears out some info I posted on another thread about P. Most areas of the country have plenty of phosphorus in the soil. That means if your plants show signs of P deficiency that something else is going on. In your case, low N would prevent plants from taking up P, making it appear that your soil is deficient in P.

So for your needs you can follow their recommendations what to add at the bottom of the test page. Alternatively, you can use blood meal for N, and wood ash to get some K into the soil. Wood ash is quick release K, so it will amend that very quickly. It will also bring the pH up which you need. So it has the same effect as liming. It will also add some trace minerals. Hardwood ash is best. Here is some info on that. Be sure to read the advice at the bottom of the page:

Here'a page to help explain your soil test:

It's not that complicated, and wood ash is FREE!

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