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Originally Posted by oakley View Post
Nothing is needed. Vegetables have enough lactic acid bacteria to initiate fermentation.

Starters are used, brine/salt, whey, kefir, or even better, mature juice from an older batch of kraut,
to speed up fermentation and have some control as well as temperature etc.

Celery has more natural occurring salts as well as some other veg.
Cutting your cabbage or any fermented veggie small/thin breaks up the cell
walls and releases the naturally occurring bacteria as a sort of 'head start' to
give the good bacteria a chance to overwhelm the bad bacteria. Hence the first
step in fermentation is the bubble war forming. Then any oxygen is forced out
using air-locks, etc.

Cooler temps helps also. Slows down fermentation and gives that bacteria
battle more time. Good bacteria wins as the bad stuff needs oxygen.

Maybe I just made all that up, , but I have read The Art of Fermentation
recently, cover to cover. Refer to it often.

I use a light salt brine soak, then rinse. It gets all the veg a head start by
drawing out some moisture and activating the bacteria. Salt also adds flavor.
I don't like most ferments that are overly salty. Not necessary at all if using
some celery and a brine.

Pretty spot on and thorough from my understanding as well. Great post Oakley.
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