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I thought the Cherokee Sausage had a taste close to Cherokee Purple..but looked almost identical to my Purple Russian sliced.

Suze gets a shout out from me for sending the BTD seeds to my garden. I have gotten more comments from that mater than any other. (Way to go Brad!)

I hope that all the GMG pieces and left over maters that I gave away at the end give those CHOPTAGers something to share with their friends and family next year
I had followed alot of Spiders threads here on was great to learn about him on a more personal note from a true friend of his. I knew then and there that I was surrounded by good folks

We also learned more about the Appalachian Heirloom Seed Conservancy.. if you don't know of should

The tastiest thing I brought was not my was the jally halves (Earl, did you eat the rest yet?)

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