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I agree with NarnianGarden, people would think that we are totally nuts to sow dandelions on purpose. The farmers next to us would not appreciate, if there was a cloud of dandelion seeds flying from our field to theirs during summer breezes. Parsnips could be OK, since I like to eat them, but to get enough seed to cover 2 acres is not cost effective.
Part of the field is growing apple trees and there was a lot of dandelions blooming around the trees before we had time to mow the area first time this year. One reason to sow the radishes to the bare soil area is to prevent the dandelions from taking over.
Dandelions are perennial and start to grow even from a piece of a root so plowing and harrowing the field would just make more of them. The radish root die and decay during the winter and even if some of the produced seeds would sprout, an annual plant is easy to control by tilling the surface.

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