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Thank you both for the advice!
I knew they will start to get woody if left to develop too long...
I didn't realize that they also start to get woody in storage.
So for once I'm just hoping they are later than ever.
I read that the rocamboles are different because they will make two full turns before straightening. Last year I just nabbed them when they made the first turn, as I did with porcelains too. But if I harvest earlier for the tenderness, won't be anything gained if they get woody in storage too... just be a shorter amount of scape overall.
I also wondered whether the growing conditions affect the tenderness of scapes. We're continuing to have hot (for us!) dry weather so I've been watering the garlic like never before. (Seriously, some years no watering at all). I'll stop with the porcelains now because the scapes are off, but I guess I'll keep pumping it to the SR.
I have about 80 head of Spanish Roja this year, so that's a few scapes to work with. A whole extra bed of 58 got planted two weeks later with extra seed leftover from the farm. They are bigger plants and should have the nicest scapes... maybe the latest too.
Yes I will FD let you know what she does with them. She has made us some amazing taste treats in the past.
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