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Originally Posted by Dak View Post
@Rajun Gardener and @rhines81
Thanks to both of your for pointing out the shelf problem. Rajun, I looked at the one you linked and while I really like the price, I'm skeptical about that cover. What do you think of this one? It doesn't come with shelving, I can improvise that pretty easily, but the venting system looks like a great feature.
I had to really laugh at this "use" that they highlighted ... "Doubles as a portable shed or a get away sun room for relaxation purposes" ... HA!!! Who would go into a 5x7' tent to relax?

Dak, this is OK for some purposes and it is economical, but I would really doubt that it would hold up to a foot of snow or any good wind storms. It might get by in south Texas for a Dec - Feb chill, but not sure it would hold up to a late March noreaster in New England/Mid Atlantic.
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