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Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
I bought a bigger green house with that cover and it lasted 2 seasons but it was in the sun all year, I think you're gonna have the same problem with the one you posted and for that price you can get a bigger one. I'm warning you now, green houses are as addicting as growing tomatoes, once you get one, you'll want a bigger one. You can always replace the plastic as needed about every 4 years is normal even with good green house plastic.

Grow bigger!!!!
I have to agree that bigger is better, but the 'cheap' pup-tent type hoop houses just will not hold up to the wind with their coat hanger type frames and light weight. Need wood and HD Plastic or acrylic walls with a heavier frame, or we are talking about a yearly disposable greenhouse which could end up trashed by mother nature even before one season ends.
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