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Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
Dak is in Central Coast Cali, I don't think a snow load is an issue. What do you mean it's not relaxing to get sun, I love the fact that when it's 40 and windy, the GH is toasty. That's usually where I drink my first cup of coffee. You can reinforce them, I even cemented 2x4's and screwed the frame to the post, 3 years and still going. Disclaimer: It hasn't been through a hurricane yet.

Edited to add: The frame is 3/4"EMT, all it needs is a few more purlins.
Well, I don't think my body would appreciate the vitamin D from the Sun in a 5x7 Green pup tent. Warm and toasty, maybe, but hardly a relaxing area considering that plants would take up most of that room as well ... walk-in, water, leave .... no relaxing in that small space!
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