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thanks Imp. I came up with this idea from several comments from customers.. " I don't need" 4 or 6 tomatoes or peppers or cukes or whatever it was... they just want one or two to go pick from a plant to eat fresh. not canning or feeding a family. It is amazing to me how many single person or two person households I have as customers. today we planted up more of the herb 6 packs and did basil 6 packs. I have, lemon, lime, african blue, lettuce leaf, sweet, cardinal, globe, cinnamon and I think a couple more varieties... the lemon or lime makes a great substitute for salsa if a person doesn't like cilantro.
I think next year I will do a container gardening pack. maybe with dwarf tomatoes, spacemaster cukes, patio peppers etc.
carolyn k
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